As we move into “re-opening” our country, The Litigation Group offers our Virtual Mock Platform to assist our clients who have upcoming trials. Our Virtual Mock is a very cost effective tool for successful trial preparation.

For over 30 years, The Litigation Group has been driven by our passion for solving complex jury communication challenges so that our clients have the benefit of powerful and persuasive messaging at trial. Our clients know firsthand our reputation for getting the job done, efficiently and creatively, going well beyond the ordinary to provide quality, in-depth results in a timely and user-friendly manner.

The Litigation Group has taken the next step in the trial preparation process with the development of our Virtual Mock Platform. Using current real-time and online technology, The Litigation Group‘s Virtual Mock Research provides the same high quality, valid, and reliable data and analysis our clients rely on as an integral part of their trial preparation — without the costs of travel, hotel charges, and other expenses.

Jury Panel
Jurors Observe Case Presentations
Jury Deliberation

The Process

Case-specific presentations can be shown in a one or two-day format

  • Case Assessment and Research Design
    • The trial team and The Litigation Group Trial Consultants determine the goals and scope of the Virtual Mock Research
  • Recruit Valid Jurors in Trial Venue
    • We apply our rigorous standards for juror recruitment, ensuring a representative sample of jurors from the trial venue
  • Security
    • Our Virtual Mock Platform is secured by end-to-end encryption
    • Using a registered meeting, we can control the entry of participants through our security protocols — no one can enter the mock exercise unless screened and approved by a The Litigation Group team
    • All participating mock jurors sign a confidentiality agreement, as well as any relevant protective orders
  • Mock Exercise
    • The entire Virtual Mock project is monitored by The Litigation Group’s team of Trial Consultants and Research Analysts
      • Introduction of Process
      • Presentation of Case – openings, witnesses, and closings using video presentation
      • Gathering of empirical data through surveys and open-ended questions on the issues in the case, including pre-attitude, post-case presentation, post-witness, post-stimulus/pre-deliberations, and post-deliberation
      •  Real-time relay of data from the exercise and ability of clients to view mock jurors throughout the exercise
      • Clients can view the jury deliberation in real-time or at their convenience via recordings
  • Post- Research Analysis
    • Client receives a comprehensive post-research analysis, including a written report and presentation of research results

The Benefits

  • Significant cost reduction as out-of-pocket expenses (travel, hotel, facilities, audio/video, etc.) are much lower than traditional jury research
  • Valid and reliable case intelligence 
  • Virtual Mock Research can be facilitated any time, from virtually anywhere
  • Real-time access to data
  • Recording of entire exercise for clients’ viewing 
  • Easy and convenient to attend, for clients as well as mock jurors
  • High degree of interactive participation among jurors; jurors are not inhibited by the online format at all which allows for a high capture of useful and relevant qualitative and quantitative data