Using strategies from The Litigation Group’s research and jury selection, Southern Union Company received a favorable jury verdict in a case affecting its Southwest Gas Storage Company and Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company business units.

The case before the Livingston County, Michigan Circuit Court involved a claim by Hope Land Mineral Corporation alleging trespass and unjust enrichment with respect to a portion of the company’s Howell natural gas storage field. While Hope Land claimed damages in excess of $20 million, the jury awarded only $26,000 in respect of condemnation and $65,000 for trespass. The jury declined to impose any damages for unjust enrichment, and no attorneys’ fees were awarded.

“We are delighted that this case, which commenced in 1998, has been resolved so successfully for the company,” said Eric D. Herschmann, senior executive vice president. “The decision of the jury reinforces our determination to vigorously defend our legal rights.”