Working closely with the trial team for NDS, a News Corporation subsidiary that provides security software and access cards for DirecTV’s satellite television service, The Litigation Group’s pre-trial research, jury selection and in-court services provided insightful recommendations that helped to secure a positive result. The four-week trial in Orange County, Calif., ended in a resounding affirmation of NDS and its business ethics.

NDS was accused of cracking the EchoStar access card encryption code and allowing pirates to obtain Dish Network TV signals for free. Despite the fact that the level of damages claimed by the plaintiffs amounted to over $1 billion, the jury ultimately decided to award actual damages of $45.69, and statutory damages of $1,000, relating to a single incident involving a test card used by NDS.

“This verdict is a complete vindication of NDS’ position at trial, and it puts an end to the lie that NDS is any way responsible for piracy,” said Darin Snyder, an attorney for NDS Group. “This is also a vindication of NDS’ long-term, anti-piracy strategy.”