For Over 30 Years, The Litigation Group has been driven by our passion for solving complex jury communication challenges so our clients have the benefit of powerful and persuasive messaging at trial. Virtual Mock As we move into “re-opening” our country, The Litigation Group offers our Virtual Mock Platform to assist our clients who have upcoming trials.
Know Your Jury Relying on stereotypes or hunches in the jury selection process all too often leads to problems at trial; jury research takes the guesswork out of this complex process and creates the results trial teams want.
Email Discovery:
Shock and Awe
Although technology has had many positive impacts on business and the law, email has had a devastating impact on the litigation front. Email messages are seen as “smoking gun” evidence.

The Litigation Group’s Services 


  • 1-day or 2-day Mocks

  • Virtual Mocks

  • Focus Groups

  • Phone Surveys

  • Venue Surveys

  • On-line Surveys

  • Jury Selection

  • Demonstrative Evidence Consulting

  • Case Consulting

  • In-Trial Consulting

  • Witness Preparation

  • Post-Trial Juror Interviews

Expert Jury Consultants

Case experience includes antitrust, product liability, contract disputes, toxic tort, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, race and gender discrimination, patent infringement, trademark and copyrights, medical malpractice and securities fraud.


Our Expertise

We have been essential members on trial teams in some of the nation’s most complex and high stakes cases.


Our Approach

We use data and a broad body of communications analysis to help trial teams win.


Meet the Team

We have more than 50 years of combined experience in jury communications.


Case Studies

See how we approach each case to find innovative solutions.

The Art and Science of Jury Research

The Litigation Group’s jury research and methodology seek to answer the most important question for a legal team: Why do jurors decide for or against the client and what factors influence their decision-making process?

The Research Team: Experience and Expertise


Mark T. Gerard, M.A.

M.A., Masters in Communication Theory, B.S., Marketing Research and Statistics

Mark founded The Litigation Group in 1990 to serve plaintiff and defense legal teams in a diverse array of legal issues, and he is committed to developing highly effective relationships with trial teams to help them win cases. He has provided jury communications research on a range of high profile civil cases, including work for Anheuser-Busch, Apple, Disney, ESPN, Warner Brothers, Comcast, Fox Sports, 21st Century Fox, INTEL, Celanese, Applied Medical, Masimo Medical Products, Broadcom, CR Bard.